Public ‘servants’ spend our money on their own glorification

Public ‘servants’ spend our money on their own glorification

The career politicians in the administrative class like to call themselves “public servants” when they’re feeling humble, or “leaders” when a moment of vanity strikes.

They’re really more like imperial overlords. Sometimes they’re elected, sometimes they’re not, but either way what they love most is to spend our money on their own glorification.

Often they’re completely oblivious to how they look as their gilded chariots cruise past us, their vassals tossing rose petals in the air.


Manhattan’s newest little Caesar is Scott Stringer. If you read the papers over recent decades you’ve been vaguely aware of this dough-faced homunculus, who in a life light on accomplishments has nevertheless been happily drawing a taxpayer salary for more than 20 years.

He began his single-minded march through the bureaucracy when he got himself appointed to a local community planning board at age 16. (His mother, Arlene Stringer-Cuevas, was a city councilwoman and Democratic Party district leader, and longtime Congresswoman Bella Abzug is a cousin.)


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