Condi Rice: ‘World isn’t listening’ to U.S. now

Condi Rice: ‘World isn’t listening’ to U.S. now

[Ed. – But the POTUS-in-Chief has a Nobel Peace Prize!  What’s wrong with a world that won’t listen to that?]

Condoleezza Rice slammed the Obama administration’s handling of Iraq and America’s lack of strength on the world stage, saying that “nobody listens” when the U.S. isn’t leading.

“What we’re seeing is that when the United States steps back and speaks softly, nobody listens,” the former secretary of state said in an interview with Fox News that aired Monday.

“Americans also don’t like the world that they get when the United States is not deeply engaged and deeply involved,” Rice continued, pointing to beheadings carried out by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, the recent attack in the Canadian parliament and tensions with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“And so I think the American people are ready, I think the world is ready, for stronger American leadership.” …

Rice also defended former President George W. Bush’s handling of Iraq and said U.S. forces should have remained in the country.

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