Former Newsweek editor: Congressional GOP not ‘rational human beings’ or ‘patriotic Americans’

Former Newsweek editor: Congressional GOP not ‘rational human beings’ or ‘patriotic Americans’

Add climate alarmists to the list of liberals freaked out by the 2014 midterm election results. If you believe the far-left eco-blog Grist, “the worst is yet to come” for “environmental policy.”

Ben Adler warned readers not to mistake conservatives for “rational human beings or patriotic Americans.” Adler said that because conservatives gained control of the U.S. Senate on Nov. 4, they are going to take the economy “hostage” and destroy the planet.

Adler accused conservatives of “gearing up to cause climate mayhem,” and pointed to conservative efforts to reign in the EPA and approve construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. Despite polls that show otherwise, he alleged that these policies are not what Americans want, and conservatives were “lying” when they claimed a popular mandate.

With no sense of irony, Adler cited “Dark Overlord” Karl Rove as saying that conservatives might try to pass legislation on the Keystone XL pipeline and other environmental issues “that could get Democratic votes.” Apparently conservatives can’t do anything right by Adler, even when they propose bipartisan legislation.

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