The Democrats’ problem is the white voter

The Democrats’ problem is the white voter

Everyone’s got a favorite reason for the Democratic Party’s disaster last week: poor turnout of young and minority voters, over concentration on women’s issues, failure to trumpet up-beat economic news, a shameless abandonment of President Obama that played into Republican depiction of him as a liability.

Take your pick. My favorite is something overlooked and maybe more fundamental _ the growing alienation of white voters from the Democratic Party.

It gets lost sometimes by a media used to measuring elections as special interest contests (socio-economic stuff) but we’re are still an overwhelmingly white nation — some 75 percent white if Hispanics who identify as white are included, over 65 percent even if only non-Hispanic whites are counted.

Democrats can’t win elections, presidential or mid-term, without a substantial black and Hispanic turnout. But it’s become clear they may not even prevail in mid-terms without a much larger share of the white vote.

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