Yemen: Slow-motion train wreck continues; ex-pres pulls party from shaky coalition

Yemen: Slow-motion train wreck continues; ex-pres pulls party from shaky coalition

[Ed. – The Huthis, or Houthis, are the Iran-backed Shia rebels who are slowly maneuvering to take over the country.  Fingering Saleh as “backing” them — an ex-president who departed office peacefully in 2012 — is apparently an absurd attempt to mask that reality.  Saleh worked well with the U.S. countering Al Qaeda; now he’s acting from the same playbook as the Houthis, but is hardly a string-puller behind them.  Good going, POTUS.  Another successful reset among our one-time partners.]

Yemen’s ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh dismissed UN sanctions against him and senior Huthi rebel chiefs, pulling his party Saturday from a new cabinet and plunging the country into deeper chaos.

Also Saturday, Al-Qaeda claimed it had killed dozens of Shiite rebels and tried to assassinate the US ambassador, as the rebels also rejected a new government announced on Friday.

A day after the US-proposed UN measures including a visa ban and asset freeze were adopted, Saleh told members of his General People’s Congress the measures are “rejected”.

The new cabinet was formed shortly before the UN Security Council slapped sanctions against the influential former president and two rebel commanders for threatening peace. …

The Huthi rebels also rejected the new government that was welcomed by Washington, instead demanding a reshuffle to dismiss ministers they consider unqualified or corrupt. …

Al-Qaeda also said it had tried to kill US ambassador Matthew Tueller, but the two bombs were detected “minutes before their detonation”.

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