4 reasons Elizabeth Warren should run for president

4 reasons Elizabeth Warren should run for president

[Ed. – Plus, she’d be the nation’s first president who’s 1/32 American Indian.]

1. She Fits the National Mood

Voters aren’t just dissatisfied with Washington, D.C. They’re angry, and they’re anxious.

According to exit polls conducted Tuesday, about two-thirds of voters said the country is on the wrong tack — an even higher percentage than said the same thing during the Republican wave of 2010.

Additionally, voters by a 2-to-1 margin said they expect life will get worse for the next generation of Americans, while about two-thirds said that the economy favors the wealthy.


2. Clinton’s Current Standing in the Polls Won’t Last

As anyone who follows politics knows, at around this time eight years ago, Hillary Clinton was widely characterized as her party’s “inevitable” 2008 presidential nominee.

Her eventual loss to Barack Obama demonstrated once again the folly of considering anything in this business to be preordained. And yet, here we go again.

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