Jon Stewart on GOP’s ‘tectonic skullf*cking,’ sh*t-eating grins at Fox

Jon Stewart on GOP’s ‘tectonic skullf*cking,’ sh*t-eating grins at Fox

Jon Stewart kicked off tonight’s Daily Show going over the “tectonic skullf*cking” the Republicans delivered to the Democrats, as well as the sea of sh*t-eating grins at Fox News.

How good a night was it for Republicans? Well, as Stewart explained, the Blue Man Group is now the Red Man Group, Blue’s Clues is now Red’s Clues, and the only thing Democrats still have left to their name is blue balls.

And as for Fox News, well, Stewart said they were happy enough to betray “grins capable of eating massive amounts of shit.”

But a lot of the mockery tonight was at the Democrats’ expense for losing HARD. Jordan Klepperroasted the Democratic Party for making a mess of the entire election and not running on a single accomplishment, while Jessica Williams made fun of how the supposedly old, white Republicans suddenly scored a lot of diverse wins and taking the identity politics card away from the Democrats.

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