Dear Democrats, you lost my mom

Dear Democrats, you lost my mom

Dear Democrats,

I write this as someone that grew up in a union household, and amid a family of Democrats. I was often the only Republican at family gatherings. Most of the people I loved the most growing up were Democrats. Sure, we disagreed on public policy at times. But we also took pride in the same flag, celebrated the same traditions of Americana, and believed in the same American dream.

It’s one of the people I love the most, my mom, which I am writing to you about today.

My mom grew up poor and had me at just 15-years old. Like a lot of single moms she needed government assistance at times, and that meant she came to believe government should do for people what they can’t do for themselves. Eventually she married, went back to school, and became a nurse. But her belief that was government’s role in our lives remained.

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