Does anyone like Chris Christie?

Does anyone like Chris Christie?

No doubt Chris Christie, head of the Republican Governor’s Association, will attempt to take credit for the upset wins by Republican Gubernatorial Candidates in Maryland, Illinois and Massachusetts.  Yet the bullying loudmouth, Soprano wannabee from New Jersey is just a two faced opportunist looking out for his own self interest and should not be trusted or praised by Republicans.

Chris Christie abandoned Republican hopes for New York, not only by refusing to contribue RGA funds in helping Republican candidate Rob Astorino take on Gov. Andrew Cuomo but by being his usual bloviating loudmouth of an ass self and saying this:

“We don’t pay for landslides and we don’t invest in lost causes.  If the New York race becomes competitive, I’ll consider campaigning in the New York race, but right now, by the public polls, there’s a lot more competitive races like this one in Connecticut.”

First of all, by saying your fellow Republican candidate’s chances are a lost cause, you throw that out into the world to infect the perception of people who might have gone out and voted for the man, you undercut his fundraising attempts and you deflate would be supporters from even taking a look at him.

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