Could someone please tell Alison Grimes she lost?

Could someone please tell Alison Grimes she lost?

Denial is an incredibly powerful psychological defense mechanism. If something humiliating and demoralizing has happened to you — such as, say, losing an election by15 freaking points — you can make the bad feelings go away by telling yourself it isn’t happening. But if you don’t at least mouth the words, “Yeah, okay, I lost, congratulations to my opponent, yadda yadda yadda,” you look like a big butthole.

It’s not much fun to get up in front of everybody who supported you and admit defeat. Guess that’s why Grimes hasn’t gotten around to it yet:

“Tonight didn’t bring us the result we had hoped for…” Oh. Well, what happened instead, Alison?

A Democrat really has to act like a graceless jerk to get called out by Chris Matthews and Al Sharpton, but Grimy Grimes pulled it off with this “concession” speech. Courtesy of Alex Griswold:

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