Silver lining: Voters to hike minimum wage in 4 states

Silver lining: Voters to hike minimum wage in 4 states

[Ed. – More unemployed losers for the Democrats!]

However, while the headlines tomorrow are likely to be grim, progressives can take heart in tangible policy victories in four states, all solid red in the last election, where voters are set to give the working poor a much-needed raise.

Perhaps no issue has been a bigger political winner this year than raising the minimum wage. Indeed, after Seattle raised its minimum wage to a record $15 an hour and fast-food workers nationwide united to demand higher pay, the undeniable resonance of this issue with mostly apathetic midterm voters demonstrates the power of social movements to transcend partisan politics and drive the electoral agenda. Furthermore, it is a clear signal that these elections, whatever their outcome, should not be thought of as a triumph of right-wing politics over progressive Democratic ideas. To the contrary, if Republicans prevail, it will be in spite of their support for right-wing policies. …


Republican Senate candidates look as though they are cruising to victory in both Nebraska and South Dakota, and yet it appears that voters in both states will approve a higher minimum wage Tuesday.

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