Democrats running away from Obama making big mistake

Democrats running away from Obama making big mistake

What happens when Democrats run away from President Obama? They completely ignore the flood of good news that should help them make the case for themselves and the president’s administration. Holding Obama at arm’s length might rub key members of the Obama coalition (read, black voters) the wrong way. That said, if those voters use such political expediency by scared Democrats as an excuse to punish them by staying home they will be doing exactly what Republicans want them to do.

The unemployment rate is down. When Obama took office in January 2009, the rate was 7.9 percent. At the time, said that was the worst jobless rate since 1974. Unemployment would spike to 10 percent in Oct. 2009. The most recent unemployment rate (September) was 5.9 percent, which is the first time since July 2008 that the jobless rate dropped below 6 percent.

Gas prices are down. had the best headline on this last week: “Gas prices to drop below $3 for the first time in, like, forever.”According to the American Automobile Association, “After a streak of 1,409 consecutive days of a national average above $3 per gallon, the price for regular unleaded gasoline fell to $2.99 per gallon on Saturday, which marked the first time the AAA indicator had fallen below that mark since December 22, 2010.”

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