Orman: Referring to GOP ‘clown car’ doesn’t mean he’s calling anybody a ‘clown’

Orman: Referring to GOP ‘clown car’ doesn’t mean he’s calling anybody a ‘clown’

[Ed. – If you’re explaining, you’re losing.  If a major candidate is explaining a “clown car” gaffe on the eve of the election, it’s Kansas that’s losing.]

Independent Kansas Senate candidate Greg Orman sent a 256-word e-mail to former Senate majority leader Bob Dole last Friday, denying that he referred to the Republican luminary as a “clown” last week.

“I want to assure you that this is not true and is not my opinion of you in any way, shape or form,” Orman wrote. “My reference to a ‘clown car’ was commenting on the near-endless number of political supporters of Senator [Pat] Roberts who have piled out of Washington to support him, none of whom I think are clowns. I certainly wasn’t calling you – or any of the others supporting Senator Roberts – a ‘clown.’”

Speaking earlier last Friday, Orman derided the stream of GOP surrogates who have come to Kansas to boost Sen. Pat Roberts (R), three-term incumbent. Political visitors have included Mitt Romney, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.). “It sort of seems like a Washington establishment clown car to me. Every day a new person comes out of that car,” Orman said.

Dole, 91, shared the email with The Washington Post on Monday. In an interview, he described the e-mail as an “apology,” and said he disagreed with the characterization of it by Orman’s spokesman, who has called Orman’s previously undisclosed note an attempt to set the record straight.

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