Russian lawmaker wants to have Obama’s Nobel prize revoked

Russian lawmaker wants to have Obama’s Nobel prize revoked

[Ed. – Ah, the game of Reset Tag.  But doesn’t the guy understand that Obama, a Nobel laureate, wages only peaceful wars?]

State Duma deputy from the LDPR faction, Roman Khudyakov, sent a letter to the Nobel Committee, in which the MP proposed to deprive US President Barack Obama of the Nobel Peace Prize, which he received five years ago.

The Russian MP proceeds from illegal, in his opinion, and violent actions of the US President in the Middle East. In addition, Khudyakov claims that Obama funds the armed conflict in the south-east of Ukraine.

The official appeals to indirect and direct involvement of Barack Obama in many wars that have taken place in the world in the last years of his presidency. Roman Khudyakov believes that they should be a good reason for depriving the American president of the award.

“I am outraged about the fact that Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. This prize is awarded to a person, who can maintain peace, harmony and sow only good worldwide. On the part of the US President, I see only war, devastation, violence and killings of innocent people,” said Khudyakov.

Khudyakov believes that Barack Obama should refresh his memory of world history. According to him, the US leader may “finish, just like Hitler did.” According to the politician, there is only one person who deserves the Peace Prize today – Russian President Vladimir Putin. …

This is not the first request to the Nobel committee from Russian MPs. Earlier, a similar request came from deputy chairperson of the Federation Council Committee on Constitutional Legislation, Lyudmila Bokova.

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