Yessss! Israel unveils ‘maritime Iron Dome’

Yessss! Israel unveils ‘maritime Iron Dome’

At this week’s Euronaval conference near Paris, Rafael unveiled “C-Dome,” which endeavors to help combat vessels counteract any threats from the air, including missiles, helicopters and tiny unmanned drone aircraft, which could increasingly become tools of combat and reconnaissance at sea just as they have on land in recent years.

Large naval vessels generally have radar-based interception systems to counter incoming threats. But Rafael executives say C-Dome offers innovations. It can fire up to a missile per second, cover a 360-degree range while piggybacking on a vessel’s own radar systems with heat-tracking missiles that zero in on multiple incoming threats at a time.

“C-dome offers something that is not out there (in the market) yet … A small footprint and the capability to engage multiple targets and saturation threats. And it’s based on the only system in the world that has more than 1,000 intercepts,” said program director Ari Sacher. “We can protect the ship from every direction at the same time. Most systems out there can’t do that.” …

The Israeli military says that Iron Dome shot down 735 rockets in this summer’s Gaza war, for more than an 85 percent success rate of those targeted. …

C-Dome builds on that experience, shapes it for maritime needs and to defend smaller zones like ships or sea-borne installations.

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