Surprise! ABC and NBC fail to cover ‘Chickensh*t-gate’

Surprise! ABC and NBC fail to cover ‘Chickensh*t-gate’

[Ed. – What media bisas?]

As of Thursday morning, both ABC and NBC have ignored the latest rift in the relationship between the United States and Israel as “a senior Obama administration official” told Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was nothing more than a “coward” and “chickens***.”

Both the Wednesday evening and Thursday morning newscasts on ABC and NBC made no mention of this story, which further cements the chilly relationship Netanyahu and President Obama have had throughout Obama’s presidency.

Meanwhile, Thursday’s CBS This Morning ran a nearly-three-minute report on it with co-host Charlie Rose stating the differences between the two now are “sharp” and “a sign that the two governments are not getting along.”

During his piece, CBS News chief White House correspondent described the vulgar language as a “new low” in U.S./Israeli relations as “those long, simmering disputes have turned profane.” Garrett mentioned that Goldberg has compiled other words from administration officials describing Netanyahu, ranging from “recalcitrant” to “obtuse” to “pompous.”

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