8 ways to avoid being a racist on Halloween (oops, ‘Fall Festival’)

8 ways to avoid being a racist on Halloween (oops, ‘Fall Festival’)

[Ed. – All’s I’m saying is, you people know who you are.]

1. “Putting on a fake butt” is racist.

An article in Bustle, titled “How to Not Wear a Racist Halloween Costume This Year: A Simple Guide For White People,” warns that “putting on a fake butt” is racist — apparently not realizing that large butts occur on people of all races, ethnicities, and nationalities. …

4. Do not wear face paint of any color because it makes people feel “unsafe.”

Arizona State University has released a statement condemning the use of any color of face paint at any college event because the school needs to be “an environment in which everyone feels safe and accepted.” …

5. Mariachi band costumes are “dehumanizing.”

San Diego State’s student newspaper, the Vista, used hundreds of words to examine the very important issue of whether or not dressing up as a member of a Mariachi band is offensive. One student wondered if the costume might be okay if “the wearer understands the history of the Mariachi, values the art it inspires, and intends the costume to be a celebration of culture.” But another student said no way — it’s an “unrealistic and limiting portrayal” of the culture that is so offensive it can even become “dehumanizing.” …

7. Do not call Halloween “Halloween.” Do not call Halloween costumes “Halloween costumes.” …

8. Talking in a fake accent is racist no matter what you are wearing. 

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