Police say another weird beheading in Oklahoma not ‘religion’-connected

Police say another weird beheading in Oklahoma not ‘religion’-connected

Stillwater police arrested Isaiah Marin after they say he called 911 to report he had killed someone.  Investigators say they found Marin jogging along a road in west Stillwater Wednesday afternoon.  Police say he was carrying a large knife that appeared to be a cross between a knife and a small sword.

Investigators say Marin confessed to killing his friend Jacob Crockett inside his apartment.  Police say Crockett’s head was “almost entirely” removed from his body.

Police were quick to announce that the near beheading did not have any connection to a religious group or to any other beheadings that have happened in Oklahoma or around the world.

Thursday afternoon Stillwater Police Captain Randy Dickerson told reporters Marin was ‘coherent’ when talking with police about the murder.  Dickerson said Marin told investigators he had fantasized about committing multiple murders, but they say there is only one victim. …

Marin is set to be arraigned on a first-degree murder charge Thursday afternoon in Stillwater.

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