Is the war on women over?

Is the war on women over?

This summer, I posted how Democratic pollsters could be ditching the “war on women” narrative since its reception has cooled among women voters.  At the same time, in 2012, the “war on women” was effective in mobilizing the Democratic base. It forced Republicans to exude more finesse when talking about women’s issues, and forever ingrained in their memories to never have a replay of Todd Akin ever again.  And, they recruited some great female candidates to run for offices across board.

The gender gap that exists between Republicans and women isn’t new, but the Democrats’ “demography is destiny” attitude towards this powerful bloc of voters is also hurting them. For one, women aren’t monolithic voters, which is why the current “war on women” stratagems Democrats are deploying aren’t resonating as well (via CNN):

The attack line — aimed at painting Republicans as out of sync with women on contraception, abortion and other issues — isn’t resonating like in 2012, when Democrats hurled it at the GOP with a devastating effect. Instead, Republicans have improved their standing among women during this election cycle, narrowing the gender gap in key races that could decide control of the Senate.

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