Top U.S. weapons inspector fears ISIS could gain control of WMDs

Top U.S. weapons inspector fears ISIS could gain control of WMDs

America’s top weapons hunter in Iraq after the 2003 invasion fears that Islamic State terrorists could get hold of thousands of chemical warheads and shells and use them against Iraqi soldiers and citizens.

David Kay, the lead weapons inspector in the months after U.S. forces invaded and toppled Saddam Hussein, told the Washington Examinerthe country is likely still littered with chemical weapons dating from the 1980s Iran-Iraq War.

In an interview, Kay also said neither President Bush nor President Obama made it a priority to locate and destroy the weapons of mass destruction, leaving them open to use by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

“ISIS has proven, as has [Syrian President Bashar] Assad, they will use anything that is available, and they have no compulsion about using chemical agents,” Kay said, noting that the terrorist group benefits from “having a group of volunteers who will blow themselves up.”

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