Axelrod: ‘Gun violence’ a bigger threat than Ebola

Axelrod: ‘Gun violence’ a bigger threat than Ebola

[Ed. – And don’t forget, gun violence is linked to global warming.  But come to think of it, so is Ebola.  Arrrggghhh.  My head hurts.]

Former senior political advisor for President Obama David Axelrod woke up this morning dismayed by the amount of anxiety in America about Ebola.

“Striking juxtaposition: Ebola fear rampant, despite negligible threat to Americans. But thousands fall victim to gun violence each year,” he wrote on Twitter this morning. …

The lack of successful gun control policies has worried Axelrod for years, particularly after President Obama failed to get the Senate to support background checks on private purchases.

“Until people start losing their offices because they take that position, I think the N.R.A. is still going to be able to influence a lot of votes, because the N.R.A. threatens people, threatens their re-election, particularly in those states, rural states, states where they are particularly strong,” he explained after the legislation failed in the Senate.

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