Apparently, women aren’t responding to Democrats’ ‘war on women’ voodoo patter

Apparently, women aren’t responding to Democrats’ ‘war on women’ voodoo patter

[Ed. – Beware the pig in a poke.  Clift says women are giving Republicans a new look as long as Republicans embrace the big-government-in-everyone’s-sex-and-family-life approach of Democrats.  I’m skeptical — but there may be some there there, regarding the more general fact of a shift toward the GOP among women in 2014.]

With the finish line approaching and key races stalemated, two new polls—in Colorado showing Democrat Mark Udall in trouble, and in Kentucky giving Republican Mitch McConnell the edge among women by a single point—hinted at a surprising development: that the gender gap, traditionally favoring Democrats, might be flipping in favor of the Republicans.

Had the “security moms” come back? They were the women voters who turned to the GOP in the past when things got unsettled internationally. There were also “NASCAR moms” and “soccer moms,” other designations that tended to favor Republicans, as do married women today.

It’s single women that Democrats count on to provide a winning margin, and between Ebola and ISIS, and another school shooting to jangle their nerves, women could be searching for a safer harbor. Republicans speculated that women are tired of the Democrats’ relentless focus on reproductive choice and health. Some Republicans, most notably Cory Gardner in Colorado, have been able to neutralize the Democrats’ advantage on those issues by presenting a more moderate image. …

Democrats are fighting to hold the Senate in an environment where there’s a loss of faith that politicians can accomplish anything in the dysfunctional Congress. “Women are not shifting to Republicans, they’re just not engaged,” says Debbie Walsh, director of the Center for Women and Politics at Rutgers University. …

But if Democrats think women will save the Senate on November 4, they had best think again. In races as close as Colorado and Kentucky, and several others, there is the chance for Republicans—even if they’re losing women overall—with a tweak here, a tweak there, to make inroads. …

Two polls, one sponsored by USA Today, the other by Public Policy Polling, showed no gender gap in Kentucky.

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