The U.S. shale oil/gas blitz is behind the drop in oil prices

The U.S. shale oil/gas blitz is behind the drop in oil prices

There are many global reasons why gas prices are falling, but the major one isn’t being widely reported. America has become in the last several years an energy-producing powerhouse. And sorry, Mr. President, I’m not talking about the niche “green energy” sources you are so weirdly fixated with.

Oil prices are falling because of changes in world supply and world demand. Demand has slowed because Europe is an economic wreck. But over the last five years since 2008 the U.S. has increased our domestic supply by a gigantic 50 percent.

This is a result of the astounding shale oil and gas revolution made possible by made-in-America technologies like hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling. Already thanks to these inventions, the U.S. has become the number one producer of natural gas. But oil production in states like Oklahoma, Texas and North Dakota has doubled in just six years.

Without this energy blitz, the U.S. economy would barely have recovered from the recession of 2008-09. From the beginning of 2008-13 through the end of 2013 the oil and gas extraction industry created more than 100,000 more jobs on net than all other industries combined while the overall job market shrank by 970,000. …

Yet the political class still doesn’t get it. As recently as 2012 President Obama declared that “the problem is we use more than 20 percent of the world’s oil and we only have 2 percent of the world’s proven oil reserves.”

Then he continued with his Malthusian nonsense, “Even if we drilled every square inch of this country right now, we’d still have to rely disproportionately on other countries for their oil.”

Apparently, neither he nor his fact checkers have ever been to Texas or North Dakota. And we don’t have 2 percent of the world’s oil. Including estimates of onshore — and offshore resources not yet officially “discovered,” we have ten times more than that the stat quoted by the president – resources sufficient to supply and hundreds of years of oil and gas.

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