Pee-wee team fined, coach suspended when 8-year-old gets a pick-6

Pee-wee team fined, coach suspended when 8-year-old gets a pick-6

[Ed. – It’s official.  We’ve gone insane.]

“Everyone’s a winner!” our kids are told. It’s the academic version of Marxist “collectivism”.

Now they are taking it to the extreme in athletics as well, as we see in the example of a peewee football team from Syracuse, NY that was fined $500 and had their coach suspended for a week forscoring too many points.

Yes, you heard right. They punished the kids for being too good.

As the Post Standard reported:

Eight-year-old Elijah Burrell had just intercepted a pass late in the game and did what came naturally.

The kid in the #2 jersey tucked in the pigskin and headed for the end zone. Touchdown! Elijah’s first one ever.

Except there was one big — and expensive — problem with the otherwise happy moment.

His undefeated Lawrenceville Black Knights were ahead 32-0 in the fourth quarter — andElijah’s interception return for a touchdown eclipsed the peewee league’s 33-point mercy rule, WGCL-TV in Atlanta reported.

The penalty? A $500 fine. But not only that: The Knights’ coach earned a weeklong suspension. …

Burdett said the team would have accepted a $100 fine but the $500 penalty and the coach’s suspension is excessive, particularly because her son wasn’t trying to run up the score. In fact, she said, the Knights tried to let the other team score on the next play but the other squad refused to catch the ball.

Of course they did. Why would kids with any self-respect willingly accept the football equivalent of welfare?

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