Enviro-Nazis harass small Virginia farmer for having hot running water on farm

Enviro-Nazis harass small Virginia farmer for having hot running water on farm

[Ed. – Fitzgibbons makes a good case here that Martha Boneta is in compliance with the terms of the conservation easement.  But the real issue is giving “green” fascists the authority to hold such easements over property owners’ heads.  This has gone far enough.  Eliminate the whole program, and the horse it rode in on.]

A green group, the Piedmont Environmental Council (PEC), complains that a farmer with over 200 rescued animals has hot running water at her farm.

Virginia farmer Martha Boneta is well known for being charged by Fauquier County with violating the law for having a birthday party at her farm for eight 10-year old girls without a permit. The PEC’s complaints directed at Martha, who has over 200 rescued farms animals in a no-kill environment, are perhaps even more absurd and sickening.

Boneta acquired her farm subject to a conservation easement held by the Virginia Outdoors Foundation (VOF) and the PEC. The easement allows her to have commerce at her farm, but not a residence. …

Comments submitted to the VOF by the PEC’s Richmond, Virginia law firm complain that Boneta has last-century conveniences at her farm such as a stove, refrigerator, washer/dryer, bathrooms, a futon, wooden chairs and tables, and a hot water heater. These, they say, are evidence that Boneta is using her farm as a residence even though such items are found at many businesses less muddy than farms, including those of big-city lawyers who sometimes work round the clock like farmers.

The easement clearly contemplates that Martha could operate her tiny farm store where she sells eggs, herbs, organic vegetables, honey, and nifty things such as emu feather necklaces and alpaca wool.

Most of those last-century items about which the PEC objects are amenities for businesses with customers — you know, the people that the PEC wanted to monitor with spy cameras. But with Martha’s 200 hundred-plus rescued farm animals in a no-kill environment, this is about more than basic farm commerce. …

Refrigerated medicine, sterilization, blood, mud, and long, long nights where one may need a nap near their animals are part of farm life. …

The PEC’s objections to Martha having a hot water heater and other basic animal and people amenities indicate that they should not be allowed to hold a conservation easement on a farm ever again. It would be cruelty to animals — and people.

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