AZ Child Protective Services left huge pile of clients’ private info in Phoenix alley

AZ Child Protective Services left huge pile of clients’ private info in Phoenix alley

[Ed. – This is the agency implicated in a growing number of appalling child-seizure cases in the Phoenix area, including the Diegel sisters written about at LU.]

Confidential Child Protective Services documents were found dumped in a Phoenix alley — exposing private and sensitive information about children and parents involved in CPS investigations.

The agency is trying to figure out why a case worker’s files were mishandled and exposed this way.

CPS is already under fire for not investigating 6,000 cases of child abuse and now the agency is trying to figure out how the confidential files of cases that were investigated ended up just thrown out in the trash.

Thousands of pages of CPS documents, involving dozens of children and parents — containing the most sensitive and detailed information on cases of child abuse and neglect — all of it left outside in a cardboard box next to a dumpster in a Phoenix alley. …

Looking through the thick stack of papers, it was shocking to see how much information was just left out in the open.  Along with social security numbers, phone numbers, addresses, there are medical records, psychological exams — even photos.

And then perhaps most disturbing of all — detailed reports of child abuse and neglect, showing a timeline of CPS case workers involvement — all of it going back several years.

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