Buying ‘’: A tale of weed, Russians, and…Gary Johnson?

Buying ‘’: A tale of weed, Russians, and…Gary Johnson?

In a bizarre development in an already strange story of Internet real estate and profit in the midst of a public health crisis, the owner of has sold the domain to a company called the Weed Growth Fund for a six-figure combination of cash and stock holdings that add up to just over $200,000.

There are many layers to this murky transaction and all of them are strange. The payment for the domain was made by Weed Growth Fund in a combined $50,000 in cash and $164,000 in stock in Cannabis Sativa Inc., a marijuana company that sells medical and recreational products. Cannabis Sativa, which acquired a marijuana research company called Kush back in July, was originally a tanning salon business and is now run by libertarian former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson. Johnson recently suggested that marijuana should be explored as a potential Ebola treatment in an interview with Fox News.

The seller of, Jon Schultz…is the owner of Blue String Ventures, which also owns and, among others. …

On the buying side, the SEC filing for the transaction says Weed Growth Fund is a Nevada corporation, but Bloomberg’s profile of the company says it is based in Birobidjan, Russia. Only a month ago, Weed Growth Fund was known as Ovation Research, and dealt primarily in stainless steel cookware distribution. … Until recently, Ovation Research Inc. operated as a subsidiary of the New Compedium Corporation, which in the past has been a major shareholder in a convoluted corporation whose owner is alleged to have ties to the Dominion of Melchizedek, widely believed to be a fake nation used in international banking fraud.

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