Whoopi, Rosie, Rosie, Nicolle: All-left-wing ‘View’s ratings plummet

Whoopi, Rosie, Rosie, Nicolle: All-left-wing ‘View’s ratings plummet

It turns out Americans do not like watching a disloyal and backstabbing Sarah Palin hater who is mousy and boring, a 9/11 truther, and a raging liberal who blamed Rudy Giuliani’s “incompetence” for the death of New York firefighters after 9/11.

The show’s ratings have plunged 30% from where it was five years ago and has seen a steady decline since the show’s season debut.

This year, The View revamped its program by hiring Nicolle Wallace (a yawn-inducing one-trick pony who only got her position after gleefully trashing conservatives on MSNBC and in the mainstream press), Rosie O’Donnell (a 9/11 truther who has made racist remarks on air), and Rosie Perez (who thought Giuliani was “incompetent” during the 9/11 tragedy).

As The Hollywood Reporter recently noted, the show has seen its “post-premiere-week viewership drop below last year, back when the need for a Barbara Walters-free makeover became apparent.” The program’s “showing in the key demo is pacing downward for the fourth straight season and is 30 percent south of where it was five years ago.

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