Here’s why Michelle Obama is worried about ‘impeachment’ after the midterms

Here’s why Michelle Obama is worried about ‘impeachment’ after the midterms

Michelle Obama says that Republicans may move forward with impeachment of her husband after the November midterm elections if they take control of the Senate.

Obama sent a fundraising email to supporters asking for money to “keep the Senate blue” and avoid all sorts of terrible consequences.

“I’ll put it frankly: If we lose these midterm elections, we’ll just see more obstruction, more lawsuits and talk about impeachment, and more votes to repeal the Affordable Care Act or even shut down the government,” her email stated.

Since impeachment by the House is essentially meaningless unless the Senate subsequently votes to convict by a two-thirds super-majority (hello, Bill Clinton), this means one of several possibilities:

She could be ignorant of the actual impeachment process. Given that her husband doesn’t seem to know much about the Constitution — or, at least, doesn’t care what it says — that’s a distinct possibility.

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