Texas: Incredibly, Wendy Davis leads (narrowly) among Latino voters

Texas: Incredibly, Wendy Davis leads (narrowly) among Latino voters

[Ed. – Who are these people?]

Red, red state, I know. But trailing with women? What about those pink sneakers?

Among men, Abbott holds a 61-32 lead in this survey. And he leads by 2 percentage points — 48 to 46 — among women.

Abbott leads among likely voters who dropped out of high school all the way up to those with post-graduate degrees. Davis leads with voters who said they never attend church services, but Abbott leads with every group that did, no matter how frequently or infrequently. With Anglo voters, he holds a 62 percent to 31 percent advantage. Davis leads 75 to 19 among black voters and narrowly — 48 to 46 — among Hispanic voters. …

To the extent that any Democrat in Texas thought it was winnable rather than just a platform for Davis to boost her media profile, her abortion filibuster and her working-mom biographical narrative were supposed to be the building blocks for a tidal wave of support among women voters. As it is, she’s not even leading among that demographic. Meanwhile, Abbott has expanded his lead among men from 14 points in June to the enormous 29-point advantage that he enjoys now. Go figure that a Democrat who became a national liberal star with a splashy filibuster on a core liberal issue is kryptonite to men in Texas. …

Says Sean Davis, digesting the results, “The more people learn about Wendy Davis, the less they like her.” … Granted, while her unfavorable rating is up 13 points since last October, Greg Abbott’s is also up 10, which may be inevitable in any long campaign as partisans from the other side learn more about their opponent’s nominee. What’s striking about Davis’s numbers is that she’s not seeing a commensurate rise in her favorable rating. Abbott’s favorables have increased by 11, for an overall split of 47/34.

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