South Florida secession could give 2016 presidential election to Dems?

South Florida secession could give 2016 presidential election to Dems?

The South Florida secession may just be a resolution passed by the City of South Miami, but if the measure were to ever be taken up by the U.S. Congress and the State of Florida the repercussions could be felt immediately and it’s even possible the 2016 presidential election could practically be handed to the Democrats on a silver platter.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the political nature of the South Florida secession was apparent from the start. Conservative Republicans tend to disagree with global warming while progressive Democrats believe climate change science is telling them that South Florida will sink into the ocean within our lifetimes. According to Mayor Phillip Stoddard, that’s the reason they had to propose such a drastic measure like having South Florida secede.

“It’s very apparent that the attitude of the northern part of the state is that they would just love to saw the state in half and just let us float off into the Caribbean… They’ve made that abundantly clear every possible opportunity and I would love to give them the opportunity to do that.”

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