Chuck Norris weighs in for Greg Abbott in Texas

Chuck Norris weighs in for Greg Abbott in Texas

[Ed. – Game over.]

Norris, who has spoken out on behalf of conservative candidates in the past, endorsed Abbott on Wednesday. One day later, Norris sent out his first fundraising email to Abbott’s supporters. …


It’s been said that guns have two enemies… rust, and politicians.

Anti-gun politicians – like President Obama and his allies.

Greg Abbott needs your help to protect our Second Amendment rights – and our other rights guaranteed to us by the Constitution. Join me in supporting Greg Abbott by making a contribution.

There are some liberals here in Texas who want to impose restrictive gun control in our state, from limiting concealed carry laws to banning gun shows on city property.

That’s just backwards.

But if he’s elected governor, Greg Abbott will make sure that the next four years in Texas don’t look like the last six years under Barack Obama.

So [Supporter], get out and vote for Greg Abbott – and contribute to his campaign today – because I said so.

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