The silly season: Dems pretend to be conservative

The silly season: Dems pretend to be conservative

Have you noticed that right before Election Day Democrats seem to try and pretend that they are really conservative?

I’ve seen them claim they are for less taxes. Amazing that when you look at their voting record it shows directly the opposite. We are taxed enough already and need to drastically cut down the size of government. Electing tax and spend liberals is never the answer.

When Democrats say they want more jobs they tend to mean more government jobs, not private sector jobs. The problem here is that government jobs cost us money, whereas the private sector jobs make everyone money. We have all seen what an out of control EPA can do to our jobs. It’s beyond time to rein them in.

Suddenly this election season Democrats are pretending to love guns. The truth is they just love your vote. I often wonder how many guns were borrowed to make these fake ads. Gun rights are not only part of protecting your family and yourself, but one of the biggest reasons our nation will never successfully be invaded. Look for candidates who truly want to protect your right to carry, not someone who wants to create supposed “safe gun free zones” where the only thing that is accomplished is that easy targets are made for those who would do us harm.

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