Shooting in Canadian Parliament and new questions about gun bans

Shooting in Canadian Parliament and new questions about gun bans

By now you’ve no doubt heard of the Canadian shooting tragedy to have taken place in Ottawa on Parliament Hill. My heart genuinely sinks for the victims, their families and anyone hurt by such an unnecessary travesty. Prayers their way.

Now, believe me, I hate the politicization of tragedy. Sadly, the left has already begun to circle the travesty (both in the USA and Canada) before the bodies have even gone cold. Championing gun-bans will be the cause-du-jour, yet again. Expect Piers Morgan to show up. MomsDemandAction will feign outrage while raising funds hand over fist. Politicians will bend. Ineffective policies will be proposed. Liberties will be lost. Avoidance is no longer an option. This is today’s America (and yes, Canada).

Having been raised in Canada (Montreal, specifically), I’ve had the unique opportunity to experience stringent gun-laws and outright bans first-hand. For example, in my home province on Quebec, handguns are outright restricted and carrying them is borderline unthinkable. Intrusive gun registries?  Of course! Some of my friend’s parents had hunting rifles, though there were kept away under lock and key. Under no circumstances were they to be readily accessible for defense of self or home. Handguns? I’ve never known a single Quebecer in my life who’s owned one. Not one.

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