Obama: ‘Let’s face it, these vulnerable Dem support me and my agenda’

Obama: ‘Let’s face it, these vulnerable Dem support me and my agenda’

In which the President of the United States serves up another damaging soundbyte on a platter for national Republicans.  Several weeks ago, Barack Obama informed the nation that although he may not be on the ballot this fall, his policies most certainly are, in the persons of Democratic candidates.  That remark birthed a flurry of GOP ads warning (accurately) that a vote for Democrats is an endorsement of an unpopular president.  With two weeks remaining until election day, Obama expounded further on his political standing vis-a-vis vulnerable Democrats in an interview with Al Sharpton:

“The bottom line is, though, these are all folks who vote with me. They have supported my agenda in Congress, and they are on the right side [of issues]…these are folks who are strong allies and supporters of me.”

Mary Katharine Ham jokes (?) that these blunt assertions are enough to drive endangered red- and purple-state Democrats to drink.  They’ve been contorting themselves into verbal pretzels trying to convince highly skeptical electorates that meaningful daylight exists between their ‘independent-minded’ candidacies and the Obama agenda.  But here’s Obama swooping in during the campaign’s homestretch to highlight the fact that every last one of them has voted with him, supported his agenda and served as a “strong ally” in Washington, DC.

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