Midterm elections projected to reach all-time high of nearly $4 billion in spending

Midterm elections projected to reach all-time high of nearly $4 billion in spending

This year’s midterm elections are shaping up to be the costliest ever, with a projection of reaching close to $4 billion mark and in the process reaching an all-time high.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, candidates and parties alone will top $2.7 billion in spending, as outside groups will come extremely close to the $900 million mark. In 2010 and 2012, the congressional portions of the elections both respectively hit $3.6 billion in total money spent. This year, that figure is expected to surpass those by $333 million.

When the smoke is cleared and everything is said and done, Republican leaning candidates, groups, and outside money is slated to slightly top Democrats’ spending — $1.92 billion to $1.76 billion.

As far as congressional fundraising goes, Democrats are being trounced by Republicans in money dumped into races — a trend that is expected to last up until Election Day. For House races, Republicans candidates have spent $270.9 million to $195.5 million by Democrats — a 58-42 advantage for Republicans. Spending on Senate candidates is slightly closer, but still dominated by Republicans. Thus far, Republicans have spent $184.8 million versus $153.1 million for Democratic Senate candidates.

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