Meet the black GOP-convert who’s urging other blacks to switch

Meet the black GOP-convert who’s urging other blacks to switch

To kill a bear in single combat, you’ve just got to avoid its claws and teeth. That’s the first lesson Republican state senator Elbert Guillory, famous for urging black voters to join him in leaving the Democratic party, imparted over lunch at the kind of Louisiana restaurant that has crawfish enchiladas on the menu.

“Get in close,” inside of the paws and under its chin, he advises anyone confronted with such a challenge. The 70-year-old Guillory, wearing a three-piece suit and working on a cup of gumbo, doesn’t look like a bear-killer, but he offers this tactical advice without a hint of self-consciousness.

Guillory likes telling stories, especially the one in which a bear attacks while he and his then-young son camped in western Maryland years ago. Guillory says he killed it with a large knife.

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