Democrats who run from Obama do so at own peril

Democrats who run from Obama do so at own peril

Democratic candidates who run from President Obama in red states where he is unpopular are making a big mistake. Their holding Obama at arm’s length deprives voters of a clear choice at the ballot box.

Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes is a great candidate for the U.S. Senate and is running a solid campaign. But she made a mistake when she refused to answer the question from the Louisville Courier-Journal about which presidential candidate she voted for in 2012.

Grimes should have said she voted for President Obama and then gone on to explain her policy differences with him. By ducking the question, all she did was make news out of her refusal to give a routine answer to a routine question. If Grimes doesn’t care for Obama or what he stands for or has accomplished, just say so.

Like most Democrats running this fall, Grimes cannot win the election without the support of the Democratic base, and the Democratic base expects her to vote for a Democratic president against his Republican opponent.

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