Syrian vigilante group ‘White Shroud’ hunts ISIS

Syrian vigilante group ‘White Shroud’ hunts ISIS

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The self-proclaimed Islamic State is coming under attack from within by a shadowy guerrilla group determined to avenge the treatment of the Syrian people, according to a Syrian Human Rights group. …

The Daily Mail reports that the group, known as ‘White Shroud’, is formed from the remnants of an anti-Assad group that was crushed by ISIS and claims to have killed more than 100 ISIS fighters. Its name refers to a death shroud it says awaits the ISIS fighters who have wrought havoc on the Syrian people.

The group’s leader, who uses the assumed name Abu Aboud, says that membership is currently around 300 people, adding: “Eighty per cent of the members of White Shroud did not take part in combat before (ISIS) came. We trained them and they joined White Shroud because of the great oppression they felt after Islamic State took control.”

Mr Aboud added that secrecy was paramount to White Shroud’s operations, and that the group works in four-man ‘cells’ who operate independently of one another for safety reasons.

So far, the group has been operating in the area around the town of Al Bukamal, near the Iraqi border, picking off ISIS fighters when it has the opportunity. …

A spokesman for the White Shroud group said that, despite their modest resources, they are achieving their aims:

“The aim of this group – spreading fear among Islamic State members – has been realised. Today, you never meet them walking alone. They mostly move in groups, afraid of abduction.”

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