Surreal: Davis pollster says ’empty wheelchair’ ad is working as intended

Surreal: Davis pollster says ’empty wheelchair’ ad is working as intended

[Ed. – Um, OK.  Guess it depends on what the intention was.]

Davis pollster Joel Benenson, who advised Barack Obama in both of his presidential races, said the ad underscored the theme they’ve been hammering on for months: that Republican Attorney General Greg Abbott is an “insider” who sides with the rich and powerful over average Texans. …

The ad suggests Abbott is a hypocrite for seeking justice for himself in the court system while using his power as a judge and later attorney general to deny it to others, including a rape victim and a woman whose leg was amputated.

But it’s sparked blowback across the country, even from many prominent liberals. On ABC’sThis Week With George Stephanopoulos on Sunday, Democratic strategist and commentator Donna Brazile defended the underlying message in the ad but said, “Look, I’m saying that I would not have used that wheelchair.” …

Benenson said the firestorm surrounding the ad doesn’t hinder the campaign’s direct outreach to voters.

“The ad’s not aimed at Donna Brazile. The ad is aimed at voters in Texas,” he said. “I’m confident that the ad is effective and working and is consistent with the strategy of our ads in this campaign that depicts Greg Abbott as an insider repeatedly siding with insiders and against average Texans.”

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