Smoke bomb in NYC restaurant sends diners into a panic

Smoke bomb in NYC restaurant sends diners into a panic

A prankster with a sick sense of humor chucked a grenade-sized smoke bomb into a crowded Greenwich Village restaurant where “Planet Terror” actress Rose McGowan was dining, sending patrons scrambling for air, authorities said.

The unidentified punk popped out of a subway service grate outside of Bar Pitti on Sixth Ave. near W. Houston St. at about 5:30 p.m. and hurled the explosive into the restaurant, which was quickly enveloped in thick red smoke, workers said.

“It was a big one…about the size of a grenade,” said one restaurant employee, who wished not to be named. “Everybody panicked and half the people ran out.”


Whoever threw the smoke bomb was certainly dedicated to his cause, employees said: he had to enter the train station at either the Spring St. or W. 4th stations then walk through the tunnels to get to the service entrance.

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