MSNBC: Republicans don’t really care whether Secret Service protects Obama

MSNBC: Republicans don’t really care whether Secret Service protects Obama

On Friday, the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank implied something truly dastardly and unpatriotic about Republicans — that they wouldn’t mind if the President of the United States was violently removed from office due to inadequate Secret Service protection.

During a discussion about Republicans using fear to motivate voters in the midterms, on MSNBC’s The Cycle, Milbank sneered that Republicans were “even making a campaign issue of the Secret Service saying, ‘things are so bad that even the President of the United States — the President of the United States we would like to remove from office by the way — is not being adequately protected by the Secret Service.’”

The following is a transcript of the relevant exchange as it was aired on the October 10 edition of MSNBC’s The Cycle:

TOURE: Dana, I want to go back to that New York Times article that Susan referenced which talks about how the GOP is running on fear and loathing. And of course, fear is the easiest thing to run on. It gets into the lizard brain and it makes some people say, “I must go out and vote” and it makes other people say “Why bother, it doesn’t matter?” So it helps depress turnout, which is good for the GOP and contributes to this “meh” midterm, as Pew is calling it. But ultimately, I think it reveals and exposes that the GOP in general really has nothing but “the world is horrible” to say to us.

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