Florida State hindered criminal investigation of Heisman Trophy winner

Florida State hindered criminal investigation of Heisman Trophy winner

Earlier today, Florida State issued a timeline of what the school claims it knew, and when it knew it, about an investigation into an alleged sexual assault by quarterback Jameis Winston. In a letter (according to the Tampa Bay Times), the school claimed that it was attempting to clarify the situation because it did not want its supporters to “confuse our silence with idleness, a lack of caring or, as some have alleged, an institutional conspiracy to protect a star athlete.” Attorneys for the woman who accused Winston of the assault claimed that the real reason FSU created the letter was to get ahead of “a big story about to break from the NY Times.”

The New York Times may well have a story about to break, but Fox Sports got there first, in a report published Friday evening. In the report, Fox details actions by Tallahassee police as well as campus security and administration officials that hindered the investigation into the accusation against Winston.

Florida State currently is conducting its own probe of the accusation, as required by Title IX regulations covering any school that receives federal aid. But FSU also is being investigated by federal authorities over its actions in the matter.

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