Students get extra credit for attending Joe Biden rally

Students get extra credit for attending Joe Biden rally

Vice President Joe Biden was in Oregon recently to rally support for Sen. Jeff Merkley….

Students from Washougal and Cleveland high schools apparently got the day off to attend the rally.

“Just for the people who signed the form and paid the $4,” one student says.

One girl even gets extra credit for her “honors project” for attending.

Another is so weak-kneed for Biden that she’s in awe just to breathe the same air as him.

In a separate video, adults struggle to detail Biden’s accomplishments, with some openly laughing at the prospect of a President Biden.

After pondering for a bit, one woman says, “I support Joe because he’s had, obviously, a lot of experience. I think he had the right answer in Iraq but people didn’t follow. And I think he’s a good person.”

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