Anonymous letter threatens beheadings in Rhode Island elementary schools

Anonymous letter threatens beheadings in Rhode Island elementary schools

On Tuesday, Rhode Island officials received an anonymous letter threatening the lives of elementary school students in three communities. …

On Wednesday, officials said that the letter stated that a “beheading is planned” in three cities: Johnston, Warwick, and Cranston.

The letter stated that the beheadings would reportedly be carried out at some point between Wednesday and Friday of this week.

On Wednesday, parents were notified by telephone and email that there was a threat in their community. …

Inquisitr reports that at least one-third of Cranston students were absent from school; 40% of students in Johnston stayed home. …

As a heightened security measure, elementary school children in all three cities will have indoor recess and gym. Furthermore, all school doors will be locked throughout the day, and an I.D. will be required to gain entry. Police officers, both undercover and uniformed, will reportedly be present in elementary schools for the remainder of the week.

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