KFC chicken wings riddled with live worms

KFC chicken wings riddled with live worms

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A Chinese woman who found wriggling white worms halfway through eating a piece of chicken from a KFC fast food restaurant was only offered a free replacement meal when she complained.

Liu Tsai, 34, said she had felt sick when she had spotted the worms whilst eating the fifth piece of chicken from the 10 piece chicken wings meal that she had purchased from the KFC branch in the city of Guangzhou in south-eastern China’s Guangdong Province.

And because she was only offered a new meal as compensation she was so angry she rang local media, who photographed the worm riddled piece of chicken and filed a report on the subject.

She told local TV: “I felt sick, and the last thing I wanted to do was eat another chicken meal from KFC.” So far however the company has declined to comment on the incident.

It is the latest scandal to hit KFC after a number of similar complaints about its restaurants in India serving up food also containing live worms.

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