ISIS ‘on NATO’s doorstep,’ but saving Kobane not part of admin’s ‘strategy’

ISIS ‘on NATO’s doorstep,’ but saving Kobane not part of admin’s ‘strategy’

With the Syrian city of Kobane surrounded by ISIS fighters and Turkey wary to jump into the fight on its southern border, the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee warned that the limited airstrike campaign launched by the Obama administration has not kept the Islamic State from advancing to “NATO’s doorstep.”

Protests erupted in cities from Istanbul to London with Kurdish demonstrators imploring their governments to step in to prevent Kobane from falling to the terrorists. At least a dozen were killed in clashes with police in Turkey, as authorities responded to protests with tear gas and water cannons.

Kurdish fighters tried to evacuate remaining civilians from the city; ISIS has been beheading and raping in nearby towns on its advance.

State Department press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters today that Secretary of State John Kerry talked with Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu last night and “briefly” this morning.

“Obviously, their conversation is – was broadly about the challenges we’re all facing with the threat of ISIL, and also, certainly, the situation in Kobane,” Psaki said. “It’s horrific for everyone to watch in real time what’s happening in Kobane, and they talked about that.”

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