NIH official: Banning flights from Africa ‘marginalizes’ them

NIH official: Banning flights from Africa ‘marginalizes’ them

[Ed. – Don’t want to hurt their feelings]

Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Dr Anthony Fauci explained to Fox & Friends Monday that it was “unhelpful” to ban flights from west African countries, saying that to do so would “marginalize” them and risk allowing their countries to implode, creating an even greater global risk.

After having appeared on Chris Wallace Sunday, Fauci followed up the interview on Fox & Friends Monday morning. One of his primary goals: to defend the federal response to Ebola, particularly the decision not to ban flights, including commercial flights, from Ebola-risk countries in west Africa:

Fauci: From a public health standpoint, that really doesn’t make any sense. It’s understandable that people might figure that that might help. But when you completely seal off and don’t let planes in or out of the west African countries involved, then you could paradoxically make things much worse, in the sense that you can’t get supplies in, you can’t get help in, you can’t get the kind of things in there that we need to contain the epidemic. And the best way to protect America is to suppress the epidemic in west Africa.

And if we completely isolate them—don’t let anything in, don’t let anything out—we know from experience in public health that marginalizes them. You could have civil unrest, governments could fall, and then you wind up having spread the virus to other countries in west Africa, which would only compound the problem.”

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