Why Joe Biden’s gaffes matter

Why Joe Biden’s gaffes matter

Vice President Joe Biden wants to be taken more seriously. He doesn’t appreciate his popular image as goof-ball “Uncle Joe” who is always putting his foot in his mouth. “The vice president thing… Isn’t that a bitch?” he said last week to a Harvard senior who introduced himself as the student government vice president.

But Biden’s other comments late last week didn’t do him any favors, either. He spoke out about Arab countries allegedly funding the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, including that Turkey had allowed jihadists across its border into Syria – comments for which he was forced to apologize immediately.

“President Erdogan told me, ‘You were right. We let too many people through. So we’re trying to seal the border,’” Biden said after his meeting with Turkey’s president during the U.N. General Assembly. Erdogan parried that Turkey had not given “even the smallest amount of support” to terrorists, adding “I never admitted any mistake, nor did we tell them they ‘were right’ during my visit to the U.S.” He insisted Biden apologize or “he will be history for me,” according to the Associated Press.

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