Palestinian groups plan ‘Weekend of Resistance’…in Ferguson, MO

Palestinian groups plan ‘Weekend of Resistance’…in Ferguson, MO

You may or may not have noticed the presence of pro-Palestinian folks at the Ferguson protests, almost since the beginning.

All of the crises are interconnected, as the permanently aggrieved on the left say. Because it isn’t about the individual crises. It never has been. It’s about using those crises to internally attack the U.S., break it down and gather more adherents to aid in the attack. That’s why the seeming constant joining of leftists and Islamists, because that major common goal supplants all others.

So you get people like Susan ‘Medea’ Benjamin, of Code Pink going directly from an anti-American conference in Iran to this ‘Weekend’ in Ferguson. It’s not coincidence. You get both Iran’s Press T.V. and Russia Today promoting and pushing stories about Occupy. These are not coincidences.


Via Breitbart:

The cable news klieg lights, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson may have moved on, but residents of Ferguson, MO continue to experience nearly nightly unrest stemming from the shooting death of Michael Brown. Eye witnesses have told Breitbart News that pro-Palestinian and other Muslim activist groups are a growing presence in the protests. On October 10th, a number of these groups, named “The Palestine Contingent,” are planning to join a “Weekend of Resistance”in Ferguson to highlight the connection between the midwest community and Gaza.

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